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Frank Meo, Lynn Kyle and Stephanie Menuez answer the questions most asked by photographers when working through the maze of estimating. On July 17th at noon, join creative consultant and Head of Estimating, Lynn Kyle along with Frank Meo and Stephanie Menuez for an interactive hangout where they’ll be discussing the 10 most frequently asked questions about estimating. With decades of combined experience working for international photographers and agencies, they will share their unique insights on the topic and will answer the questions everyone is asking.


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Projections for February Event

PROJECTIONS for February were once again held last night at Paulaner’s with David Goldman, Shira Raz, Ed Lefkowicz and Robert Essel presenting.


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PROJECTIONS for January Event

PROJECTIONS for January were held last night at Paulaner’s on the Lower East Side. Great work and great beers!!!

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Creative Estimating to Connect with Your Clients and Pro Photo Daily Article

Hello, hope you’re enjoying the summer. As we continue to promote our offering we must let you know of our latest success.
Really good news, I been approved to host a seminar:Creative Estimating to Connect with Your Clients” at PhotoPlus 2014 at the end of October in NYC. 
See the link below. This will get us tremendous exposure across many touch points. We encourage you to promote this via your social media contacts
as part of your daily industry outreach. 
Also below is the link to my latest piece for Pro Photo Daily. In this piece I discuss the ever changing relationship between photographer and rep. This too
should be promoted as there’s a link to Facebook to continue the discussion.
As always we welcome your feedback.
Frank Meo
1370 Broadway
Suite 578
New York, NY 10018
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‘Prisoners of Age’ begins Indiegogo Campaign for Alcatraz 2015 Exhibition


Award-winning “Prisoners of Age” exhibition will be returning to Alcatraz in 2015 [July-December] and they’re raising money on Indiegogo to pay for the printing, shipping and installation costs. Please spread the word, pass on this link to everyone you know, put it on your Facebook page, or donate, for us to make this happen.

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Tips From a Photo Rep: Winning Jobs With Creative Separation


In this month’s edition of his Pro Photo Daily series, Frank discusses how photographers can separate herself or himself from the competition. Read Entire post.

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Frank will be moderating the May 14th APA Event: How to Land the Job – Corporate

apa how to

Frank will be moderating APA-NY’s series of “How to Land the Job” on May 14th in New York city.  Visit APA-NY for more info

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Frank Meo on The Photography Business at



Let’s face it we all know the photography business is a tough one–no real surprise here. The state of commercial advertising photography is a challenge. However, being the forever optimist I see and witness many terrific opportunities… that are missed. So a better question is, “What is the state of your photography”?

To state the obvious, they’re too many of us and not enough projects. Okay, got it. What to do then? It’s about perseverance and commitment to the craft. I think many photographers have gotten lazy. Not lazy-lazy, but it seems that many have forgotten what it was that motivated you to become a photographer. I think a reality check is in order. It feels, in some cases as apathy of spirit–dangerous stuff. Yeah, it’s hard, no doubt but where’s the fire in the belly that was your guiding force when you started out? You must find that fire again and embrace it with all the passion your spirit will allow.

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American Photography Asks the Photo Rep: The Most Annoying Things Photogs Do

The question above is a grenade that the kind people at Pro Photo Daily have asked me to place firmly on my head. Please send all hate mail directly to the editor.

I actually don’t think “annoys” is the right word to use here. In fact, I would rephrase the question entirely. I think a better question to ask is: What things do photographers do that cause them to miss golden opportunities? Listen, I get that everyone is wound up too tight these days and that nobody has time or patience.  However, we all must relax and focus on how to create opportunities to succeed.

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Frank on Stock Agencies at

With photographers receiving checks for peanuts for their imagery why do they continue these one sided relationships with stock agencies? This bullshit really has got to stop..

Simple question: What is the upside to your business relationship with your stock agency?

Why do we keep these stock photo companies in business? It is an asinine situation that I simply do not get. Look at the revenue numbers for stock houses, and then look at your own. Why do photographers continue to feed these monsters? Is it just laziness? On every level it makes zero sense.

Even more insipid, when the agency sells an image of yours they don’t even give you an opportunity to up-sell. No client information, no art buyer contact, no art director contact–no information at all. How can that be? It most cases you don’t even know the image that was sold. Why do you put up with that? This is so condescending it is beyond words.

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